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Inner Demons Developmental Posts - Sprint 4+5 ALPHA and BETA


What a lovely day to be an exterminator.

For the fourth sprint, ENTIRELY BUG-FIXING AND TROUBLESHOOTING. From the last sprint, I posted a picture of the Twine chart for my interactive story, and little did I know, it was RIDDLED WITH BUGS. All of the rooms, (aka) the living room, dining room, and bedroom, had them.

That meant that I needed to almost unlink and tear apart all the passages from each other and reconnect them later on and even add new links so that the variables that I set as counters would be able to properly count how many rooms the player had gone through so they'd be able to advance. I also realized that some passageways cut off the player and wouldn't allow them to reach certain items or the note for this level and that also meant some rewiring. Oh my word, did that take many hours.

To my knowledge this version is bug-free. But I'm keeping my eye out because they sure do love to crop up everywhere.

Another tough pill to swallow once again. I thought that I'd already scoped down enough, but apparently not. All the work from my other classes had started to really ramp themselves up and I wasn't able to pay as much attention to this project as I wanted. Not when I had a couple others I had to give my efforts to. So while I wanted the first day of the four total days done, I would've been killing myself trying to get it within this thin deadline, along with the other final projects that needed to be done. It took a while, but I convinced myself that this was an adequate stopping point and that I'd be able to continue once finals and graduation were over.

But to make matters a bit worse, I found that Twine wasn't the best engine to pull off the mechanics I wanted in the game. In the first part I wanted it purely scavenging, but later on, the player should be able to drop and pick up items as they mad-dashed it to the ending. I couldn't figure out a working inventory system in my time frame too. A limited inventory system was a key component in my game and it sucked not being able to tell the player to "choose wisely" and hint at how there were decoys all over the place.

So in the current build there is nothing stopping the player from grabbing every item they come across (there are five in this level). In the bottom of the picture, I added the four passages to help it flow better into a temporary ending.

The new goal might be to completely finish the first part of the game to have it be a Twine iteration and then steer it away. Switching from Twine into another engine will definitely be interesting, but I'll have time to look into that once I'm done.

Now as for where the hours have gone, more than 20 hours have gone into this here website. Part of the requirements of the final project is to have a website and to have it documented.

Cheers to my mad-dash!

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