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Inner Demons: Developmental Posts - Sprint 3


How wonderful it is to finally have direction.

The demon seems to be treating me somewhat kindly, although I've gotten rusty from not using it in a long time. This was a good week for writing though. In about two and a half days I'd managed to research means of getting Twine text to do fancy effects and use variables and booleans to check whether or not the player would be able to enter a room or explore or not. From the game flow chart I made, I wanted the first portion of every day to be a purely excavatory experience and then eventually meeting Austin would spawn events where the player could choose two different choices, either the protective one or the self-preserving one. Which would then be counted later on to affect the endings.

A good deal of this sprint was adding to the GDD; writing in the hints for the "saving item," the background of the mansion, and placing those hints around the map. So the chart in the previous sprint is an updated version, where I'd labeled where those items and hints would appear.

This had me taking into consideration the flow of the game and the logical pathways the player would/could take and I wanted to make sure that they would at least be able to grab the note or leave it if they didn't want to deal with it.

Using Twine's coding made my almost lose my mind a few times because of how many variables I set, but anything for that player experience, right?

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