Inner Demons

March 2018-April 2018 (Paused Development)

Inner Demons is a gamified, interactive text-based branching story where the player's choices impacts their ending. The player follows the story of Blaire a 23-year-old former college student who struggles financially and has large debts to repay. Based on the player's choices, there are four possible endings to this scenario.


Originally started as a project for an Advanced Seminar in Game Narrative course and made in Twine, it is currently paused in its development and about 1/8th done.

first page of inner demons gdd.png

The Design Process

This project has gone through some MAJOR scoping and has been reduced. What came out of my time restraints is what you see here.

If you're curious about the development, I've got the you covered.

Within (about) the month I was working on this project, I documented what I was doing. From Sprint 2 to Sprint 5; from testing, bug-fixing, troubleshooting; from working in Alpha to Beta, I've written blog posts.


The first WIP game design document (GDD) is to the left and shows all my narrative plans for the future: story flow, game flow, game systems, characters and more.

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